The Portafill 5000CT is designed for heavy duty screening applications required within the quarry, demolition, construction and waste industries.

The 5000CT is a vibrating twin deck reclaimer screen capable of up to 350 tonne / hour. Ideal applications are recycling, quarry, civil, demolition industries / rock, ballast, sand, concrete, contaminated soil, aggregates, roadbase, gabion and armour rock.

The Portafill 5000CT is compact, mobile and affordable to transport providing a cost effective solution for essential on-site screening allowing project owners to benefit from:

  • Up to 90% reduction in waste, dump fees and associated transport 
  • Minimisation of materials to be imported - topsoil, aggregates, roadbase, drainage rock, mulch etc
  • Minimisation of transport costs associated with material importation


  • Heavy duty variable speed feeder with 1000mm wide belt
  • 750mm wide wing conveyors with a stockpile height of 2.8m
  • 1000mm wide product conveyor with stockpile height of 2.5m
  • Heavy duty tracks for moving across rough terrain
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Dog lead remote control


  • Engine: Deutz Diesel 39.9kW / 53HP
  • Screen: 2400mm x 1200mm
  • Total Weight: 13,000KG
  • Transport Length: 10.776m
  • Transport Width: 2.273m
  • Transport Height: 2.567m
  • Working Length: 10.418m
  • Working Width: 11.424m
  • Working Height: 3.005m
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